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                                           General data Protection Regulations

Statement and Policy with regard to these regulations that come into force on 25th may 2018.

The Angling Society holds personal data and we have a legal responsibility to hold this data securely.

Personal data must be: 

·       Fairly and lawfully processed

·       Processed for limited purposes

·       Adequate and relevant and limited to what is necessary

·       Adequate and where necessary up to date

·       Not kept in a way that people can be identified from it for longer than is necessary

·       Processed in a way that ensures appropriate security

What personal data do we hold, how why and where do we hold it and how long do we hold it for:

·       Membership Forms-these are held as hard copy’s and are currently held by the membership secretary.

The membership forms hold the following information.

1. Members name.

2. Members address.

3. Members telephone number if given.

4. Members Email address if given.

5. Type of membership.

Permits are issued with membership type, and a membership fee paid receipt. A carbon copy is kept for the treasurer. And forms the basis for preparing the clubs accounts. No bank details are held. Membership forms are kept for two years after which time they are destroyed by shredding.

Membership database is held on Microsoft Excel, by membership secretary the computer is protected by Windows firewall.


                     Billingshurst Angling Society

Membership database holds the following information;

1. Members name.

2. Members address.

3. Members telephone number.

4. Members Email address.

5. Type membership.

6. Date joined.

7. How much paid: No bank details are held.

Details are held in the database for 5 years, at which point the  are deleted.

Membership Email contact list is held on computer in Microsoft Excel. By the membership secretary.( P.Stockwood) The computer is protected by windows Firewall.


We never disclose the information on our database to any outside organisation. The information is strictly for club use and distribution of the data within the management of the club is restricted to a need to know basis.

Informing members of the data held and the member’s agreement that we hold this data.

We will include this document on our website. So members are aware of this document and request that any members who have objections should contact us and we will address these objections- these actions will be recorded.

We will ask members to sign that they agree to us holding the data or comment upon their data that we hold. We will respect all people’s desires with respect to their data that we hold.

On behalf of Billingshurst Angling Society.

Mick Fuller                                                                                     Peter Stockwood

Chairman                                                                                       Membership Secretary


President: Mr D Reynolds                           Chairman: M.Fuller     GDPR version 1 Mar 2018